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Left to Right: Scott, Mike and Jeff engaging in serious playtesting with no paper or notebooks and two pens.

What began as a way for three friends to peer pressure one another into completing game designs has grown up to become a small RPG design / publishing company focused on fun, weird, and interesting games. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to your weekly or monthly RPG, our games are quick to learn, playable in one sitting, and a fun way to build stories with your friends.

Mike Faulk, Jeff Mitchell, and Scott Slater comprise the team at Aribtrio, splitting up design, art, layout, and fulfillment. We have games published in 9th Level Games’ Level 1, an ennie award winning indie RPG showcase that is distributed on free RPG day. We also have standalone RPG titles, Bad Decisions, and Mythiquipment. We are in the process of crowdfunding Black Bag, a multidimensional spy heist game, and collaborated with 9LG to produce Pigeon’s Eleven, a multidimensional BIRD spy heist game.

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