A light, action-RPG inspired, GM-less romp
through an MMORPG biome for 2-6 players.

Upgrade & Trade, Become LEGENDS

You will create and customize weapons, trade them amongst each other, and fight increasingly difficult monsters until AT LAST, you face-off against the boss of the Zone.

To finish a round against a mini-boss or boss, you’ll need to add enough dice to a pool to GO IN FOR THE KILL. But be careful: if you stab at Hell’s Heart and miss, you may spit your last breath.

Mythiquipment cover image

Describe just how freaking cool your weapon is when you use it.

Between rounds, your character will swap weapons with the other characters, adding new enchantments and materials. Before the final fight, you’ll have in your hands a unique weapon that you never could have imagined on your own.

Through-out each scenario, both your character and weapon change. In addition, you’ll find help from friendly quest-giving NPCs, black smiths, and epic mounts.

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  • THE HARROWBONE GRAVEYARD – Wreck some shrines and finally destroy a lich!
  • THE SOARING AIRSHIP – Fight off the Sky Cops and slay a dragon!
  • THE SHINING KINGDOWN – Scare off some drunken rats and save the King!

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